Brittany and Daniel

How We Met

Daniel and I met at a magical place called Jelly Marketing, a marketing company in the Lower Mainland near Vancouver. I was doing an internship and he was their videographer and multimedia guy. We worked on a few projects together and eventually he was sent to Calgary (my hometown) for a project. It being my reading week, I decided to also go home and so we spent a weekend together, as co-workers, in my parent’s house. Long story short, my parents were surprised to get a call from him about a month later asking for permission to date me, and now, almost two years later, we are engaged! Crazy. :)

how they asked

After living in Ottawa for four months, and surviving long distance with Daniel (my now fiancé) I was beyond excited to reunite with people back home in the Lower Mainland. I only had a three-day stay in the Fraser Valley area before Daniel and I were heading to Korea for Christmas. Literally, my days were jam-packed with visits and activities so that I could reconnect with as many friends as possible before leaving for Christmas. Let me preface by saying that a huge part of the success of Daniel’s proposal was that even if I had not been proposed to on Friday, December 18, 2016, it still would have been a frickin’ awesome day. Huge win. I had day-long plans with Delaney, my former roomie and forever friend.

Our plans for the day were to explore downtown Vancouver, shop and eat at Cactus Club (my second home). Side (sad) note: Cactus Club does not exist in Ottawa. Delaney and I had such a great day catching up (long distance sucks for besties too). We had so many laughs, coffees, and little wins, like when we went to Sephora and instead of only getting the ‘one free feature’, the beauty advisor did all of my makeup entirely for free! That evening we had plans to visit an art gallery to view an art show that Delaney’s mom had suggested. We headed towards the gallery after dinner, and regardless of getting lost both driving and walking (even with Google Maps) we still managed to have a blast. The art show location was slightly ghetto looking but we could see the gallery sign from down the street, so we kept trekking. I’ll admit, I was skeptical as we walked past dark buildings with boarded up windows, and wondered if we had come on the wrong night. I entered the gallery first and Delaney followed, gently taking my coffee out of my hands. I saw candles on the ground, but for some reason, this didn’t shock me, my first thought was that maybe in this dark, ghetto-looking area they might need candlelight to enhance the art.

Instead, it was the art itself that gave this proposal spot away. Blown up photos of Daniel and I, big and small, were hung along walls, lights strung from the roof, and candles forming a path that led to a big, blank white wall. Even though there weren’t arrows I somehow grasped that I was supposed to walk down the candle-lit path. When I reached the end of the path, the blank wall lit up in front of me. For once, Daniel was in front of the camera, talking from a video about why he has chosen to love me and wants to marry me. As the video finished playing Daniel came out from behind a curtain, knelt down, and asked me to marry him.

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I SAID YES, he stood up and kissing entailed… until I realized how many people he had hidden behind the curtain. ;) Turns out, everyone in my life is superb at keeping secrets and telling lies, of course, all for a noble purpose. From all my plans the day previous to canceled dinner plans and the Sephora make-up lady, I was quite literally the only one who was not in on the proposal! And, was it ever worth…I wouldn’t change a thing. Good job Daniel, and friends for such a precious life-long memory. <3

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