Daniel and Ben

how we met

We met on OkCupid. We talked for about a month via email, texts and phone conversations before finally meeting in person. Our first date was cancelled because Danny unexpectedly got sick. Ben’s reply when Danny texted was “Oh, you’re just nervous to meet me!” We rescheduled for two days later, and Danny was hours late to the date. (He had gone to dinner at his Aunts with his Grandmother – but didn’t fill Ben in on that tid bit) Danny had already eaten dinner with his family unbeknownst to Ben – who was expecting to eat dinner on the date. Fortunately Ben is very forgiving and didn’t hold it against him for too long! The date lasted four hours with the two of us getting to know one another – the restaurant closed and they had to ask us to leave we were so engrossed in learning about each other.

How They Asked

Danny had gone to NYC for the weekend with his sister and niece, they planned to return early the morning of June 26. Ben had secretly been planning to pop the question when the trio returned home. Danny is a huge Beyonce fan, so Ben had purchased a Beyonce shirt to be used as part of the proposal. When Danny walked into the couples apartment Ben had laid out on the kitchen counter, the T shirt, Roses, and a Bottle of prosecco, and he immediately started to cry. Repeating “Stop it right now, stop it right now” Obviously shocked. Ben was hiding in the bedroom, and came out and dropped to one knee and said “Daniel Thomas Tippett, you make me happier than anyone else – will you make me happy for the rest of my life?” Through tears Danny said Yes, Ben slipped the ring onto Dannys finger and the couple sealed it with a kiss. Even though it was 9am they toasted with the prosecco. It was a day filled with surprises, after spending the afternoon at a Baltimore Orioles game celebrating a friends birthday, they returned to their apartments rooftop where Ben had another surprise planned. They stepped off the elevator to a party with their closest friends gathered to celebrate the engagement. Hot dogs, hamburgers and of course champagne to celebrate! There would be no way to top this, but Danny tried to surprise Ben a little bit as well. Unbeknownst to Ben, Danny purchased an engagement ring for him as well in the days following the original engagement. With the help of his Mom and Godmother, surprised Ben with it at the families beach house in DE.