Anna and Daniel

Image 2 of Anna and DanielHow we met: Dan and I actually met online. I lived in California and he was finishing a year deployment in South Korea. After South Korea he was stationed at Joint Base Lewis McChord, just south of Seattle. We remained friends over the year and a half because I was still finishing my degree in California.

When it got close enough to graduation, we planned a meeting. He came down to California for a week and we spent three days at Lake Tahoe with some of his closest friends from the Bay Area and the rest of the time just getting to know each other. It was the best week of our lives, everything came so easy about being together, so he returned to Seattle with a girlfriend and we began our long distance relationship.

A few months later I went to Seattle to see him before another six month deployment to the UAE. Two weeks after he left for the middle east, I moved to Seattle for an amazing job opportunity and to wait for my man! When he returned in November 2013, we immediately moved in together and started our lives together. But it wasn’t until May 2014 that everything changed with one question!

how they asked: Dan’s parents came to visit us at the beginning of MayImage 1 of Anna and Daniel2014. He decided to ask for my hand with his parents in town to help with execution and documenting the moment.

We both took four days off to spend time with them and Dan had planned to propose on Friday the 2nd, it was going to be the nicest day of the week, with the sun shinning, which for Seattle, is amazing! However, on Thursday I got a job interview that I couldn’t refuse, so of course I asked if we could do our touristy day with his parents on Saturday.

He didn’t even flinch and said “oh yeah, no problem”. So we went to my interview on Friday and went downtown on Saturday, a cloudy and rainy day. We spent the entire day walking around the Markets, eating, drinking and enjoying showing his parents the city.

Finally, hours later we went to The Space Needle. We went outside on the observation deck, took pictures and then as I walked away Dan fell to his knee and simply said “spend the rest of your life with me” and of course I said “YES!”.

We spent another two hours at the top of The Needle calling all of our families and friends. It was the most amazing weekend of my life. We are getting married in April 2015 in South Carolina.