Danica and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler and I met in 2016. I was interviewing for a job in Atlanta and oddly enough, Tyler was one of my interviewers. It was the day after that national championship and him being a Clemson fan, and me being an Alabama fan, I was giving him all sorts of grief. We had an instant connection from day 1 but thought nothing of it… fast forward 6 months later and fate brought me to that job. Tyler and I tried to remain as professional as possible until emotions took over. Still, we kept our relationship top secret for months until I was promoted. We were both just getting out of long, toxic relationships and the last thing we wanted was another relationship. But as they say, when you know you know. We had this instant connection and soon enough we were inseparable.

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We both work very high-demanding & at times stressful sales jobs. Because of this, Tyler randomly suggested one weekend in May (the first year that we had been dating) that we go up to the smoky mountains in Tennessee with our puppy Pete to get away from it all. We had the most amazing time hiking, wine-tasting, beating him at put-put, feeding black bears, going to Amish grocery stores, cooking meals from scratch and just laughing all night from cheesy scary movies from the Redbox – despite all the places I’ve been in my life, it was my favorite trip. Naturally, the next Christmas, he bought me the same amazing gift of a cabin getaway for the very next May.

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May rolls around, I think absolutely nothing of our trip except the fact that I’m so excited to get away from the city and relax (as Tyler had me tricked thinking we would MAYBE get engaged in Charleston about 6 months later). We spent the first few days having an amazing time with our puppy..wine tasting….hiking…cooking…doing all of our favorite things! Saturday comes around and we go to our favorite Apple Barn restaurant and spend the day relaxing… I tell Tyler I want to go on a hike and the whole day he keeps saying “we don’t have enough time for this and that…. we have dinner reservations tonight at 5:45 pm prompt” and I’m frustrated thinking WHY don’t we have enough time??? We’re here to get away from reality, aren’t we?… I thought nothing much of the dinner except the fact that our anniversary was coming up and Tyler was just trying to do something nice for me.

After Tyler’s failed attempts to find another close dog-friendly hiking trail (and getting us both locked out of the cabin and Tyler having to climb out the window and secretly go back in for the ring) and failing to tell me to pack nice clothes for this white tablecloth dinner he had planned (I HATE being under-dressed) I pouted and said I’d rather cancel the dinner and just continue how we had been cooking dinner in the cabin the past few nights and told him I was taking a nap. Against my will, he made me throw on jeans and a sweater (it was supposed to be rainy all weekend but ended up being 80 degrees) we got in the car and drove to dinner at the Buckhorn Inn. Once we stopped, I told him I was going to try to put on some makeup, so he got out of the car to take a call. I saw the call come in on the Bluetooth in the car from a man’s name that I didn’t recognize, but thought it might have just been one of Tyler’s clients calling him about work.

I got out of the car and stepped onto a gravel road where Tyler lead me to the most beautiful view. He looked at me and said, “let’s take a picture..like you said, I feel like we’ve forgotten to capture the moment this trip and the views up here are amazing.” I thought nothing of it and we proceeded to walk toward a meadow where there was a man with a tripod (Don!) that I again thought nothing of – I simply thought it was another tourist like us capturing the moment. When I saw the rose petals, that’s when knew it was happening… but I couldn’t believe it!!! My heart was racing and I started shaking and I even turned to him and asked: “are we getting engaged!?!?” Away so jumping the gun here! I then blacked out as he dropped to one knee and we spent the rest of the night enjoying dinner at the Buckhorn in and celebrating with our puppy, Pete!

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But it doesn’t stop there! The next day we sadly packed up to leave, got some breakfast at a pancake house…. but I wasn’t ready to let the weekend go like that. We stopped at one more winery on the way out then were on our way. Again, Tyler kept rushing me and I was confused only to come home to all ornaments our amazing friends in our house surprising us!!!

I could not be more grateful for this genuinely authentic and surprising engagement and for our wonderful photographer and friends making this possible.

Special Thanks

Don Fields
 | Photographer
Don Fields
 | Videographer
Anne Rhett
 | Photographer