Danica and Ryan

How We Met

I was starting my new job in an emergency department. When I arrived on my first day they told me I would be training with Ryan. Waiting in the break room for my shift to start Ryan finally arrived just before our night shift began. I introduced my self and we went to start our shift. Our compatibility was palpable and I was crushing on him. We had a lot in common and he was always pulling pranks on me like a little school boy or girl would. A couple weeks later it was my birthday and knowing my love for Diet Coke Ryan bought one at midnight. The following day he sent me a funny picture on Facebook and it didn’t take me very long to ask for his number. We were always laughing together and I knew that I wanted to get to know him better.

how they asked

Ryan and I were going to my hometown for my high school reunion. We stopped by my grandparents and parents house who are neighbors on a lake before we went to the reunion. My grandpa had just built a new dock so Ryan and I went down to take a look. I walked to the end of the dock to admire the lake, when I turned around to talk to Ryan he handed me a journal. In the journal Ryan described how he felt when we met and how he fell in love with me. At the end of the journal he said he wanted to add to it with important moments in our life. When I closed the book Ryan dropped down to one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. Of course I said yes to my Prince Charming!. My family was hiding in the trees to catch every moment on camera and congratulate us.