Danica and Jordan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Medicine Hat, Alberta

How We Met

Jordan and I initially met in grade 9 math class at Medicine Hat High School. Jordan was definitely the class clown; very outgoing and always cracking jokes and making people laugh. I had just transferred schools and didn’t know very many people, because of this I was extremely quiet and reserved. One day in class, Jordan smiled and walked past me and joked “Hey, nice grandma cardigan”. Even though he was kidding and I hardly knew him, I proceeded to never wear the cardigan again.

Danica's Proposal in Medicine Hat, Alberta

Two years later in Grade 11, I was sitting in the North Foyer eating my lunch with my friends. Mostly everyone in our grade sat in the North Foyer together in our own little groups. I began to notice that Jordan was starting to hover around me a bit more. As the days went on, he eventually began sitting with me at lunch, telling his many goofy stories and jokes to make me laugh. About a week later he asked me on a date and the rest was history :)

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How They Asked

Taking pictures has been a huge part of our relationship; I have always loved being able to look back at special memories and see how we have changed over the years. In our 6 1/2 years of dating, I have won multiple contests online for free couples photos and we have had a family friend take photos for us on numerous occasions. Winning these contests has always been a running joke in our relationship as Jordan isn’t a huge fan of taking photos. In December, A photographer Jordan and I had previously worked with in the past had contacted me asking us to be models for her photography portfolio. Of course, I said yes!! Jordan reluctantly agreed as well and I began planning with our photographer. Little did I know, Jordan had reached out to the photographer to ask if he could propose at the end of the photoshoot. I had always dreamed of having a photographer capture our proposal, but I had never mentioned this to Jordan.

On the day of our photoshoot, the skies were foggy and the weather was cold. We walked to multiple areas to take photos, snuggling close to stay warm. For the final location, the photographer brought us to a walking path and had us stand back to back between 2 giant trees. She told us she would count down from 3 and wanted us to turn around and hug each other like we haven’t seen each other in years. 3…2…1. I turned around ready to give Jordan the biggest hug he had ever received but… Jordan was down on one knee holding a beautiful diamond ring and asking me to marry him. I kept saying “is this real?” and was in so much shock he had to ask “So are you saying yes then?”. Finally, I said YES!!!

Special Thanks

Brittany Ross
 | Photographer