Dania and Hudson

Dania's Proposal in Bride's house

My boyfriend had joined the navy six months ago, so he has not been home since then. I have gone and visited him twice but both times it was only for a day or two. So, I was very excited that he was coming for a little over a week this Christmas back home. He told me that he was coming in around noon on Friday but secretly he was actually coming in on Thursday night to surprise me. I was working the night shift at the hospital Thursday night until Friday morning, so I started heading home around 6:30 am. When I pulled up to my house there was paper bags lit up like lanterns all the way up my driveway and at the end was my boyfriend standing there waiting. The paper bags had the words will you marry me on them and as I got out of the car and got closer he bent down on one knee and proposed. Both our families were outside too watching and taking pictures and it was a perfect surprise.

Where to Propose in Bride's house