Dani and Ryan

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How We Met

Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have imagined when I walked into the Boston Public Library on Memorial Day weekend 2017 that a year later Ryan would rent the entire library out just for me…Ryan, my now Fiancee, put the ‘extra’ in extravagant proposals when he went above and beyond to create a truly magical moment for us filled with meaningful details from our relationship.

With that said here is the short version of the story below… But before you hear the proposal here’s some background to the story itself:

Just 5 days after Ryan and I met for the first time, after a long conversation about favorite artists, films, and places, he decided to go on a hunt to find an early edition of my favorite book, Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. Fast forward a few months and after our 4th date he gave me a hundred-year-old 2nd edition copy of the book – which up until now was one of the most meaningful gifts I have ever received.

In May of last year I was flying to Boston for my first time ever on Memorial Day weekend, and had only one requirement for the entire visit; to go see Bates Hall, a room in the Boston Public Library that reminded me of Belle’s library from Beauty and the Beast. Fun fact: we went and saw the movie as our first date. We got to the library with 5 minutes before they closed and Ryan (being Ryan) worked his magic with security, and we were able to have two minutes to admire the beautiful the room.

how they asked

Last week I wasn’t caught off guard at all when Ryan wanted to go on a surprise date in Boston, as this is something we regularly do for each other. He first surprised me with a stop for drinks at the Revere Hotel rooftop bar, something we had been wanting to check off our list once the summer weather arrived. As we sat there waiting 20 minutes for my drink to arrive, it just so happened that they had run out of the one bottle of wine I ordered, Ryan received a call from one of his best friends who told him there was an Emily Brontë book collection on display at Boston Public Library. Ryan asked me if I wanted to go, even showing me the event page on Facebook, but I felt bad for rushing us through our rooftop view so I told we didn’t have to, but he insisted that we go anyway.

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With the Library almost ready to close for the night, we rushed right over, where we were greeted by security at the door. Just like last time, the security officer told us that they were closing when Ryan (again) worked his magic to get us in for just a few minutes We walked up the beautiful marble stairs to the room that I had insisted we visit once before, where a sign was propped up outside the room for the Brontë event. As we entered the room I looked around for the book collection display but noticed the entire room was empty. Right about this time, Ryan walked up to me and took my hands, reminding me that it had been exactly a year since we had been in this majestic room known as Bates Hall. Getting down on one knee, he asked me to be his life’s greatest adventure, and I, of course, said yes.

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It is safe to say I was completely surprised. Apparently, the entire thing was a setup, from the call from Heather to the Facebook event he showed me, to the recreated security at the gigantic cast-iron front doors. We were able to spend the next hour walking around the Library taking pictures and soaking in the moment.

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Special Thanks

Tobi Makinde
 | Photographer
Kim Crozier
 | Planning