Dani and Austin

how they asked: It happened on a Saturday – a Saturday where we had schedule: 4 o’clock shooting, 5 o’clock dinner, 6 o’clock graduation party. I had been napping while Austin mowed the lawn, and it was taking longer than I had expected, but I figured I was just too sleepy to realize. Soon, I was woken up to Austin telling me it’s time to go shooting. I didn’t feel like shooting and trying out the gun anymore, and put up a little bit of a fight. He kept coaxing me and trying to get me to go outside with him – eventually I agreed, but not very nicely. In fact, by now I was a little grumpy and irritated. So, I stomped a little bit behind him and fussed with my shoes. As I followed him outside, I told him, “I’m not shooting.” He looked at me, a little disappointed, but agreed and told me to stand off to the side and cover my ears. I looked down the yard, towards the treeline, and there were a six hay bails stacked up with a bunch of targets. I thought that was an excessive amount, but didn’t think too much about it. Austin fired off a round, and almost everyone hit the ground – and I was so confused, surely he wasn’t that bad with this gun. (Little did I know..) Then he turned to me and said, “Let’s go see how I did.” Again, I didn’t want to… “No. Why can’t you go down there and see how you did?” “Just c’mon” he said and took my hand. He placed me in front of the targets and asked, “So how’d I do?” On the targets read the words, “Will You Marry Me?” and as I turned around, Austin was on his knee!

Image 1 of Dani and Austin