Dani and Spencer

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How We Met

We met on Bumble in 2019. We swiped right and it’s the best move we’ve ever made. The social app allows for direct messaging after we successfully “matched”, we did that for a day. Spencer gave me his digits, putting the ball back in my court. I text asking if he was still willing to meet up. After a great conversation over sports, dogs, family, and more shopping for eyeglasses and a 3-hour date later, as Bumble says, “Boom it’s a match!”

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How They Asked

Bumble ran a social media contest, following April Fools Day, when Tiffany’s & Co. announced they were changing their storefront color to yellow, as a prank. Bumble went beyond and decided to give one lucky couple who shared their #bumblelovestory a trip to NYC and Tiffany’s & Co. a store credit of $20,000.

I convinced Spencer to enter the contest. We did an interview with Bumble and won! Over the moon, elated Spencer and Bumble work together on planning the best trip ever. We flew from Seattle to NYC on my birthday. Thursday we went to Tiffany’s & Co. prior to the store opening to the public. We shopped the Love & Engagement section, chose some selections to try on in a private suite in the store. I cried during the experience, champagne toast to our love and the best experience of trying on rings, it was a dream or like the movie, Sweet Home Alabama. The time flew by, we narrowed down and before I knew it we were leaving the store. Spencer convinced me they had to size the one ring and would be shipping it to Tiffany’s & Co. in Seattle.

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We continued our trip doing tourist things, going to a comedy, and hanging with Spencer’s cousin who lives there. The next day was what I thought our Day 2 Photoshoot with Bumble to get beat roll and content for the #bumblelovestory contest. We were meeting in Central Park.

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We were being directed on what to do, they wanted individual shots of me. I loved the moment, I was laughing as like this is what it feels like to be on The Bachelor. Spencer comes into the shot, twirls me as we do sometimes in our kitchen, kisses me & grabs my hands. He tells me the sweetest things or the beginning to our fairytale he gets on one knee and there’s a little blue box. That’s how he asked, it was amazing. A little girl’s dream come true!!!

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