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We met when I was out on tour as a dancer for Sesame Street live. We were starting to date and get to know each other and really having fun when sadly, I was diagnosed with leukemia on February 6, 2015. I didn’t not want him to have to go through this long journey with me so I immediately turned him away.

He wouldn’t let me and for Labor Day, he insisted on coming down to see me from Columbia SC. We really had a good time with my limitations, and after he left, we began to talk and text and FaceTime a lot. Over the next several months I questioned so much I was loosing my hair not feeling well much at all. I hated to see him get on this roller coaster of hell as my Mom calls it, but he was persistent and I eventually let my hair down (lol no pun intended).

Very bald, he still thought I was beautiful. I always said what an amazing person at 25 could see beauty through all the illness. I knew he was the one for me always hoping in a car or on a plane at a moments notice if he thought what I needed was him to come hold me. He came from SC and just to go to doctors appointments with me.

The proposal was even more amazing.

I lost my father right before I was diagnosed with leukemia. So to make my father a part of the proposal he choose to propose to me where my father proposed to my mother.. it was such a magical beautiful evening.

I will ring the bell 11/17/17. No more chemo, and then I will marry the man of my dreams 5/26/18.

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