Dani and Roberto

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How We Met

I think almost every one knows that I, Dani Martinez, was incredibly smitten with Robert from the moment I met him. We both shared a mutual best friend, David, and it was through him I found out his other best friend would be moving back to Texas after living in California. Jokingly, I played around and said that this new guy would be my boyfriend by the end of the year… little did I know. Of course when the time came to actually meet Robert, I instantly thought he was SO cute. Hello, he had the Justin Bieber hair going for him and the biggest smile, how could anyone resist that?? Like most high school girls do, I told a few girls I was friends with about this “Hot new guy from California” sophomore, and again, like most high school girls do, word spread that I had a crush on this guy. Well unfortunately (fortunately?) for me, Robert heard about the freshman girl who had a crush on him and was determined to find out who she was. After some looking around and asking, he eventually he figured out it was me, and after some chasing (seriously! I was so nervous talking with Robert, I would run away from him in the hallways) he finally asked me to be his girlfriend on February 16th, 2011. Technically, he asked me on Valentines Day two days before, by coming to my classroom with roses, a stuffed bear, and chocolate, but I was out of the classroom and didn’t get his gifts till I got back. The bear had a note that said, “Will you be mine?” and silly me thought he was asking to be my valentine. Two days later while walking to class he turned to me and said, “Dani, you never answered my question! Will you be my girlfriend?”. The joke has continued every year on our anniversary and valentines day! From high school to college, I can say that I knew Robert was the man I wanted to marry and spend the rest of my life with. For college I moved to Florida and Robert stayed in Texas and we conquered the long distance for two very loooong years. Throughout that experience though, Robert always made an effort to keep our relationship fun and interesting. We would often have Netflix dates where we would order the same pizza and watch the same show together via Skype. Or he would order me flowers to my dorm when I was having a particularly rough week. Finally though, Robert moved to Florida in May of 2016. As we took the plunge of finally being independent from our parents we decided a trip out of the country was in order. So we began planning for Iceland, and Robert began planning his proposal!

how they asked

Our trip to Iceland coincided with New Years, which happens to be my favorite holiday! The whole time we were traveling, Robert had the ring on him and was super nervous about me discovering it. When we finally got to Iceland we were so ecstatic to be there. WE landed the morning of New Years Eve and began our touring of the beautiful city of Reykjavik and had a blast that first day, eating local cuisine, visiting the attractions, learning the history of Iceland, but we were really excited to go searching for the Northern Lights later that evening. Finally the big night came and we bundled up as warmly as we could and we took off out of the city and into the icy landscape outside Reykjavik. What followed was the most extraordinary experience of my life so far. We got so lucky because that night the sky was so clear and crisp, there was only the light from the twinkling stars, and we were getting a lot of solar flare activity! While peering into the night, the beautiful green lights began to form high above us. They seemed to dance in the skies above, stretching like ribbon from east to west and spreading up and down to a heavenly beat no one could hear. It was so magical and beautiful. It was while taking photos with the lights that I felt Robert’s heart rate go up. “Are you alright?” I remember asking. “Yeah I’m fine, just cold” he replied. Then as we are taking these pictures he begins telling me about how happy he has been over the years and how he wants so many more together. Instantly, I realized what he was doing and began crying like a baby. He then got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of our lives together. I said yes to the man of my dreams, in a country filled with love and wonder, and we began to look forward to the rest of forever.

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