Dani and Robert

Image 1 of Dani and RobertHow we met: Robert and I actually went to middle school and high school together. We had the same group of friends and were always around each other, but some how never really had an actual conversation. When we both graduated from college in 2010 and moved back to Austin, we started hanging out with some of our same friends from high school. One night, we were all out, and I needed a ride to my car. After he dropped me off, he texted one of my friends and asked for my number and then texted me to ask if I got home safely. The next day he asked me out on a date…and the rest is history :)

how they asked: My family has a beach house down in Port Aransas. We had been planning to go down this weekend for a few months with my mom and step dad, and Robert’s mom and dad. His parents had never seen the beach house, and so we thought it would be fun for the 6 of us to go down and fish for the weekend. On Saturday we had late dinner reservations at one of our favorite restaurants. We were sitting out on the back porch beforehand watching the beautiful sunset off of the bay. My mom suggested we go down to the dock to take some pictures since the sunset was so pretty that night. When we walked down there, I noticed no one was following us, it was just Robert and I. He took both of my hands and looked me in the eye. As soon as he started talking, I realized what was happening, and totally blacked out! HA! My mind went blank. He got down on one knee and pulled out the ring box. I think it took me a full 60 seconds to come back to reality and say YES!

Image 2 of Dani and Robert

When I turned around my dad, sister, and step mom were there. He had brought them down without me knowing and they were hiding in the house next door. Everyone went to dinner afterward and celebrated. It was the best night of my life!