Dani and Ollie

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How We Met

I met Ollie when I started an apprenticeship and we were in the same year. We were both 17, he was in the Engineering group and I was in the Business Support group – both groups were invited to do a short ‘test flight’ on one of the company’s aircraft. I was seated next to him. We talked all flight, and then the next year was the London 2012 Olympics, and as apprentices we were again asked to do some volunteering at the Olympic Park. He was put in my group and I recognised him – this is when we became good friends and met up for a few coffees in the couple of years after.

We then drifted apart, both with separate lives – and then two years later, I’m sitting at work and get an email from him. We texted for a few weeks, he then invited me down to his house for a date, and the rest is history.

How They Asked

After three and a half years together, I hinted that hecould be a bit more spontaneous. A few weeks later, he told me he’d booked a surprised night away in a fancy hotel – I didn’t know where I was going, just that I was going somewhere nice on 13 January.

The day came, I drove so he could give me directions – I expected to be driving a good 4-5 hours, but then after 2 hours we stopped in a carpark. We were at a train station, and I was so oblivious even then I hadn’t clocked on! Once we got into the station, he got our passports out that he’d sneakily packed and pointed the screen, we were going to Paris! He then revealed he had another surprise for me and that he had booked us a private boat on the River Seine with champagne – could this trip get any more amazing?! We met the boat on the river, got in and sat down ready for our (somewhat rainy) tour of Paris – that’s when he told me how much he loved me, got down on one knee and opened a tiny box to the most stunning ring I could have ever imagined.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Paris

We were in Paris for two more days after that, and it was incredible.