Dani and Nick

Proposal Ideas Venice, Italy

How We Met

We met at The University of Alabama. My roommate was at a study group when Nick spoke up and said “why is everyone here in a relationship except me?!” My roommate chimed in that she had a friend who was single and she pulled up my picture. He said he was interested and would love to take me out for a date. My roommate returned home and told me all about him. About a month passed and I had never heard from him. I asked my roommate whatever happened with that guy and why was he not interested because he never reached out to me. It turned out that she had never actually given him my number, so right away she messaged him. Within an hour, Nick texted me and asked to take me to dinner. After our first date he immediately asked to take me out the next day. The next day we went to lunch AND dinner together. From then on we hung out every day and the rest is history!

how they asked

I had just graduated from The University of Alabama and my wonderful boyfriend Nick planned a 17 day trip to Italy for my graduation present. We planned to start in Venice, then head to Florence, Cinque Terre, and end in Rome. We set out on our adventure on May 12th, traveling from Atlanta to Venice. After a long 11 hour flight, we finally arrived. Of course, you can’t travel without having an issue… We arrived and our luggage was missing. They told us it would be on the next plane from Paris, so we decided to wait in the airport for what was supposed to be two hours. Two hours turned into four hours. Once we finally got settled in we were exhausted. As we were walking from the boat station to our Airbnb, I was pointing to all of the cool places I wanted to take pictures the next day. We always take pictures together, and he knew this was going to be a trip filled with photos. The next day we woke up, got ready, and set out to take pictures along the beautiful water and city of Venice. We set up the tripod to take a couple photos together in a secluded part so we would not have to worry about people being in our pictures. We took about five pictures together and Nick asked to take one more just in case. He pushed the button and when he ran back to me for the picture I realized the picture wasn’t taking. With my back turned toward him I said “babe… the camera isn’t going!” He didn’t respond. When I turned around to see why he didn’t answer me there he was, on his knee with a ring in his hand saying “will you marry me?” The next 16 days were incredible, being able to experience all of Italy as an engaged couple!

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