Dani and Nathan

Dani and Nathan's Engagement in Montana

How We Met

We met online as many people do these days and I was immediately enamored. I’m a bookworm and he was the first guy I’d ever dated that had read just as much as I had.

How They Asked

We booked a trip to Montana and we made plans to go out to Flathead Lake which turned out to be a bust: we don’t have a boat! We spent the next night skimming travel recommendations for a hike and left at the crack of dawn the next day for a 10-mile hike to Avalanche Lake. When we got to the lake he was being squirrelly trying to get away from the other hikers. We found a tiny patch of completely private beach and he suggested we take a picture. I set up the camera on a tripod and hurried back over to him. He asked me to do him a favor and when I turned and asked him what he was down on one knee.

Dani's Proposal in Montana