Dani and Jaime

Where to Propose in At My House

How We Met

Jaime and I went to the same high school, he was 1 year older than I was. I knew of him but never really talked to him or said hi or anything. He could tell you what color my backpack was, how I’d wear our uniform, that I was a cheerleader, that we’d always pass by each other between a certain class, who I dated and everything. About 5 years after I graduated we had mutual friends that would hang out and I got a DM on instagram from him saying he’s having a “blue cup” party on Sunday and that I should come. (he called his parties “blue cup” instead of the typical party “red cup”.) I told him I would go but knew I wouldn’t. He text me from his party asking why I didn’t show up and continued to ask me out. I finally caved in. Our first date was so cute! He picked me up from my house and took me to a secluded beach, he packed a picnic for us, we hung out all day and ended up going down the coast to a really cute little hole in the wall pizza spot that we ate at another beach. We had the best conversations, it wasn’t awkward, we laughed nonstop, and he was just sooooo cute! Then I figured he was a player so I wasn’t about to go on a second date. Again, he kept asking and asking and asking so I finally gave in, yet again and I’m so happy I did because the rest was history! He told me he knew I was his forever just from that first date.

how they asked

Jaime and I were dating for about 3 years before “THE REAL ONE” happened. Throughout our relationship Jaime would continuously joke around about “getting on a knee” then just tie his shoe or do something silly so I told him when the time comes I won’t believe him. The day of Thanksgiving comes and we always have Thanksgiving dinner at my house. My parents, my two older brothers, my two sister-in-laws, both sets of my grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. Literally everyone. As dinner is cooking I’m drinking wine and my sister-in-law walks in so I told her to try my wine. She told me she couldn’t because she thinks she’s pregnant but NO ONE knows so for me to not say anything! I automatically freak out and get so excited!! Now we are all sitting for Thanksgiving dinner and the same sister-in-law is sitting right next to me, she says she has an announcement and here I’m thinking she’s about to announce she’s pregnant, instead she says at her side of the family they always say what they’re thankful for which I didn’t think anything of because we’ve done that also, so she goes ahead and says what she’s thankful for then I get up and say what I’m thankful for then sit back down. Now is Jaime’s turn. He stands up and says he’s thankful for the food and everyone starts laughing, then said he’s thankful for my family and all they’ve done for him so thanks them, and then said “I’m also thankful for my girlfriend. Speaking of my girlfriend…Danielle you know how much I love you right? and we’ve been together for quite some time now and I have a question for you that I’m hoping you can answer” then got down on a knee and asked me to marry him. My immediate reaction was to put my face in my hands and just say “you better not be joking!!!!” while crying hysterically. I finally look at him and say “you’re not joking! THIS IS THE REAL ONE!!!!!!” and say YES to the man of my dreams. 5 minutes later his parents and grandma show up with 18 dozen roses that he got me, 3 bottles of champagne to do a toast with, and to have my entire family meet his parents. (which by the way my sister-in-law just wanted to make sure I was thrown off with the pregnant thing….she had a toast with us and isn’t pregnant HAHA!) He knows how much my family means to me and that they are my everything. He is pretty shy when it comes to being public with intimate things so to do this in front of my family and have his parents share it with us was the most amazing, perfect way for him to ask me to marry him. I couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect way of saying YES to spending the rest of my life with best friend.

Special Thanks

Lucy (sister-in-law)
 | Planning
Rebeka (sister-in-law)
 | Videographer