Dani and Allen

Where to Propose in North Rim of the Grand Canyon!!

This is a good story! As most proposal stories are, but this is definitely a good one! Allen and I have been together for a while now, we hit it off really well when we first met 2 years ago. We graduated from college and decided to begin our lives in a new place! We have lived in Arizona our whole lives so this was definitely the most nerve racking thing ever!! We now are living happily in Austin Texas with our beautiful house and wonderful jobs.

In October we decided to go spend his birthday in Arizona. We ended up at the north rim of the Grand Canyon (drove straight through for 18 hours). It didn’t really start out that great actually! We got pulled over, then hours later we got stuck in a torrential downpour on the border of Texas And New Mexico, then we switched driving shifts and I got stuck in the heaviest fog I have ever witnessed. The visibility was like 5 feet.

After the longest drive in the history of Road trips, tired, hungry and ready for rest we finally got to the Grand Canyon. We set up camp and headed towards the canyon. We parked and headed down a trail along side the Canyon. There was one word to describe the view, breathtaking. Allen then took me by the hand and said “now that we are here, I have one question for you”.

He got down on one knee and I knew instantly what was happening to me. Jumping up and down in excitement, forgetting everything that has happened to us, he asked me to marry him. Of course I said YES! I COULDNT RESIST! We are so happy and I cannot wait to get married to my best friend! We are getting married October 2019 in Sedona Arizona!!!!!

Dani and Allen's Engagement in North Rim of the Grand Canyon!!