Dani and Alex

How We Met

My cousins had invited me to a Halloween party, that I really didn’t want to attend. I had been in Grad School becoming a teacher and my weekends were packed with school work. Two of my friends at the time had said they’d come with me and it would be fun to get out and forget about school for a night. I gave in. With no costume prepared, my one friend and I decided we would be “Netflix and Chill” and made our own costumes literally hours before the party. As soon as we arrived at the party, I laid my eyes on Alex. He was wearing a suit with Santa’s face all over it. My favorite holiday is Christmas, he was cute and seemed super fun. I was sold. Especially after he’d bought us all Dominos pizza after a night of many drinks. We had ended up continuing to hang out as a group multiple nights a week for months after the Halloween party. It wasn’t until a New Year’s Eve party, that year, with the same group when my cousin had “dared” Alex to kiss me at midnight. Being a little bit tipsy, I just laughed and never thought he’d do it. Well, the ball dropped and he kissed me. Not once, but twice. At that moment, we had no idea both of our lives had changed forever!

How They Asked

The day before Alex asked me to marry him, we had put in an offer to buy our first home together. We were at a party with Alex’s family that day when they had jokingly mentioned that now would be a great time for Alex to commit with a ring since we would be buying our first home together. Little did they know, that was his plan all along. The next day, we were supposed to spend time with both sides of our families. Alex told them we were going to check out the surroundings of our new, soon-to-be home. There is a beautiful park with a huge lake and beautiful trees, flowers, and homes surrounding it. Alex had never been there before being he grew up in a different county, I’ve spent my childhood at that park. On the swings, going for walks and spending time with friends and family. Alex got on one knee and asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him. This was by far the easiest decision I ever had to make!