Danette and Justin

How We Met

We met through mutual friends. Justin had lived in the same hometown as me, but moved away as a teen. He later lived back home and we got to know each other through mutual friends.

how they asked

January 2018, Justin messages me while he was away working and says “you need to book Feb 2nd to Feb 6th off work and get someone to take the dogs!”. Obviously, I was all questions at that point: why, where are we going, etc. The only thing I was allowed to know was that I needed a passport, warm clothes for the day, and a light jacket for the evenings. Two weeks go by, and I still have no idea where we are going. The morning of February 2nd, we get to the airport, I still have no idea. Justin gets our boarding passes printed and it says “Las Vegas”. I was pumped.

Danette's Proposal in Las Vegas

How he kept all this in for so long, I have no idea. So my first question is, are we doing the Grand Canyon? He says yes, we can’t go to Vegas without going there. We get to Vegas, get up the next morning to go to the Grand Canyon, and we pull up to Sundance Helicopters. Once again, I’m floored. I get to fly over the Grand Canyon!!!! Amazing. We get there and the pilot says “I’ll take your picture by the chopper here”. We go first! Justin is on my left side, then asks to switch sides, the pilot goes to take a picture and when I look, he is on one knee!!!!! The most amazing experience of my life!!!