Dancers Help with Surprise Proposal in Central Park

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How We Met: Nisael and I met the year of 2008 in high school. I was a freshman, the newbie in a new town and school, and he was a Junior. Walking home from school, a lot of times, I saw him. My first thought was that he was such a cutie!!! I had became friends with his best friend, Carlos, shortly before meeting him, and one day while I was on my way to pick up my friend from her class, Carlos saw me, called me over and introduced me to Nisael. He lied saying his name was Anthony, though he doesn’t remember lol. We said out hellos and goodbyes.

Later on that day, it was time to go home and I saw him. He was drinking his vitamin water, and I went up to him and took it; I started drinking it (I have no idea what had gotten into me then lol). Of course, he was thinking I was crazy, and I was SO embarrassed after I processed what I done. As the days when on, I started seeing him more and more. One day I took the initiative to walk with him to the train station (since it was on my way home) , and from then it became a routine. Shortly after, our friendship grew and he asked him to be his girlfriend through an origami heart. We have been together ever since.

How He Proposed: A week and a half before the proposal, my friend Bernard, who is a photographer, asked to shoot me. I didn’t find this weird because we had scheduled a shoot months before, but the weather never allowed us. So when he hit me up to shoot me, I was really excited. I went shopping that day for a dress! He told me he wanted to do a shoot at Central Park, since he has never been there before, of course I found this such an awesome idea. He gave me the details of where we were going to meet and the meeting time, which was at 2 o’clock. A few days before the proposal, I had asked my friend, Cindy, to accompany me to the ‘shoot’ since Cindy and Bernard know each other as well, and Cindy suggested we grab some lunch after. Cindy, knowing all along about the proposal, offered to meet me there.

The night before the proposal, Nisael, my now fiance, told me that his phone charger broke and he will buy one tomorrow after work. We talked until his phone ‘died’, which was all a lie just so I wouldn’t suspect that he was in the city, because he lives all the way in Albany.

The day of the proposal April 4th, I had gotten my makeup done at my Aunt’s house, and in return for her doing my makeup I will drop her off at 78th street, on my way to Central Park. Me, being the early bird that I am, I got to the City at 1 o’clock ( parking is horrible in the city, so I wanted enough time). At that moment, my friend Cindy called me asking me where was I, so we met up. She said that she was already in the city shopping, so I picked her up and found parking. We went to Magnolia’s bakery, to kill time until Bernard, the photographer, got to the city. Little did I know, this was a stalling tactic, to get me not to enter central park, and to come to find out Bernard and Cindy were already in the city. 2 o’clock came and Bernard arrived with his friend, who had a video camera at hand, which I did not find weird because Bernard has plenty of talented friends, and I thought maybe he didn’t want to go alone to the city.

As we were walking to Central Park, Bernard was taking pictures of me the whole time. Cindy suggested we go take pictures at the Bethesda Fountain, I was just going along with anything. We finally got to the Bethesda Fountain, and it was packed with people formed in a big oval.I wanted to see what was everybody looking at so I went to the front of the crowd, and as i was walking there ‘Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran’ started playing, and I started moving my head, saying to Cindy “This is my Jam”.

A dancer came to the middle and started dancing, and then another one joined. One of the dancers that joined moments after, I recognized her through church affiliations, I looked around to see if I saw anyone else I knew, a suspicion hit me then, but knowing she dances, as well as her boyfriend, I just shrugged it off. I watched the dance, with pure amazement, thinking this was really cute. Then, all of a sudden, one of the dancers came and moved me forward. I thought to myself, “Geez she could have said excuse me,” thinking I was in the way of videos being taken.

Dancers Help with Surprise Proposal in Central Park

The last verses of the song came on and then came Nisael. He ran and started dancing, I looked at him and had to do a double take, I didn’t realize it was him until he was right in front of me, and then he got down on one knee.

Dancers Help with Surprise Proposal in Central ParkFlash mob proposal_2

The crowd screamed “Aw” and I couldn’t believe it, I did a 360 turn and before I knew it I was crying, and before he could even ask the question, I jumped on top of him. We stood up together, and I finally let him go, and then he asked me the best question ever “Will you marry me?” and not being able to speak, I nodded and everybody cheered, and he slid the ring on my finger. At that moment, I got embraced by friends and family, that were all the bridge behind me watching the whole flash mob! I cried even more. This was one of the best moments of my life!!

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Photographer : Bernard Osei