Danae and Jason

How We Met

The story of how I met my fiancé is not very exciting, but it’s special because it’s ours. I was supposed to go into work but I called in because I had a rough day and needed a time out with my friends. We decided to get dinner and drinks at a nearby place that had a lot of restaurants and bars. After we had finished dinner, we decided to go bar hopping. As we were sitting at the bar, a random guy comes up to me and starts flirting. I actually noticed him when I first got into that bar. We hit it off and I found out that he was in the military and was in Arizona (which was where I lived) for a short time. After that night, we spent every minute together that we could until he had to leave, which was about two weeks. After he flew back to Oregon (which was where he was stationed), we talked about me moving there to be together. Almost 3 years later and we’re still going strong!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Oklahoma

How They Asked

My fiancé and I had a trip planned to visit my family in Oklahoma for a family reunion. I had no idea that when I left Oklahoma that I would be engaged. We arrived in Oklahoma on July 3rd where Jason met all of my family and was able to tell his story and hear there’s. My family loved him and vice versa. My sister had a big cookout planned the next day for the Fourth of July. On the day of, we got ready and headed over to the cookout where my family got to know more about my soon to be fiancé. While I was enjoying myself being around family, Jason was going around with different family members planning the moment for the proposal. He started with my niece who is a professional photographer. They talked about placement and timing and how it would all work.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Oklahoma

Next, he talked to my brother-in-law about which fireworks to shoot off and when. Lastly, he told my sisters and a few other family members about the proposal and is a plan! As everyone gathered to watch fireworks, the plan was taking place. My niece then called Jason and I up to get some pictures taken in front of the fireworks. After the initial couple photo, Jason then got down on one knee and presented me with the most beautiful ring (he listened)! I was beyond happy at how he strategically planned out the most perfect proposal in front of all my family. And of course, I said yes!!

Special Thanks

Kristal Miller
 | Photographer