Dana and Vincent


How We Met

Vincent and I met 8 years ago at our first jobs at a local supermarket. I was 16. He was 17. We first locked eyes with each at our job orientation. During the orientation, we sat at complete opposite ends of the room. Neither of us spoke to each other, but he caught my attention when he did the nicest, most gentlemen like, thing ever. The orientation provided us with food and beverages. When everyone was finished eating, some people got up to throw away their garbage. I figured I would wait until the end of orientation to do that. Next thing I knew, a total stranger (Vincent) picked up my garbage and threw it away for me. To this day, I remind him of our first encounter and how sweet it was for him to do that. A few weeks later we ended up in the same training group. We made small talk about the people we both knew and got to know each other. We developed a friendship over the next couple of months. I looked forward to our shifts together because we always had a good time. We both felt so comfortable with each other. We shared inside jokes, picked on each other, and talked about everything. It was like I had known him for years. To my surprise, Vincent asked me to his senior prom. I knew he had many close girl friends but he chose me. I happily agreed…and that’s where it all began. Two years away from each other at college, many vacations together, countless nights together, and seven and a half years later, I finally get to call him my future husband!

how they asked

One of our close friends asked Vin and I to join him and my sister on a hike. The weather was supposed to be nice that upcoming weekend so we agreed. Now, I am not the most outdoorsy person, so I was a little hesitant. The last time we went hiking, we saw a huge rattlesnake so I was a little nervous about what to expect. That morning, I was complaining a little about not wanting to go, but eventually we all got in the car and started on our trip. We ended up getting lost on the way to the mountain and drove 20 minutes past our original destination. We were close to a different mountain, whose trails we never hiked before, so I suggested we go there. Everyone shot down that idea, but I thought nothing of it. Little did I know, the original destination was important. When we finally got to the mountain, I was doing a lot of complaining about this upcoming adventure. Vin told me to stop complaining and that it will all be worth it at the top. Again not thinking anything of it, I thought it was about the awesome view we would have at the top. At the top, our friend, my sister and I rested for a minute and took pictures of the awesome view. Vin ran ahead. I didn’t know what he was doing, so I began to follow him. As I started to catch up to him, I noticed red things on the ground. It didn’t register what they were until I turned the corner and found Vin on one knee. Those red things were a trail of rose petals that led to a sweet picnic area and my fairytale proposal. After the initial shock and tears, I said yes to the man of my dreams all while in the company of my sister and our best friend.


After some hugging and kissing, I heard screaming and woohoo-ing coming from nearby. Then, all of our friends came running out from behind the trees. They had captured the whole thing. They also set up the proposal, picnic and all. Which was why the original destination was so important. We popped some champagne and went home to find both our family waiting for us to celebrate. The whole day was magical and complete unexpected. I’m so happy I get to spend forever with the man of my dreams.