Dana and Tim

How We Met

Timmy and I both were born and raised in Fishtown a small neighborhood in Philadelphia. We met in 2004 while we were in grade school, his sister Jill and my cousin, Sam were best friends and took us to the movies.

We started dating in August of 2008. I was entering my freshman year of high school at Little Flower High School for Girls, and he was beginning his sophomore year at North Catholic High School for Boys. We dated all throughout high school, went to every dance and prom together, attended each other’s graduations and all the other special events in between including celebrating birthdays and holidays with each other’s families. Timmy’s grandmother’s house on Trenton Avenue in Fishtown, was usually where the bigger holidays were hosted. It was special because it was a unique home in the neighborhood for many different reasons. It was a bit bigger than most of these row homes in Fishtown, had a porch front which is rare and was located on a very historic and one of the few cobblestone streets left in Philadelphia.”

When we were younger, about 17 or 18, after becoming, what we thought back then, more serious in our relationship and witnessing first hand, the gentrification of Fishtown, we always talked about how incredible it would be if one day we moved to Trenton Ave. We dreamed of raising a family of our own like Timmy and his siblings were raised and hosting birthdays and holidays for our families. That dream came true starting in 2016 when Timmy bought his late grandmother’s house from his family, deciding that there was no way this home would go to just anyone. Timmy and I spent the last 14 months completely renovating the home from top to bottom and creating a home for our little family. We spend mornings on the porch drinking coffee together, and our three-year-old son plays ball out there just like Timmy and his siblings and cousins did when they were young.

How They Asked

This August, the second to be exact, Timmy and I celebrated dating for 10 years. Just as I thought our celebrations were ending, on our way home from a helicopter ride on a tour of Philadelphia, Timmy solidified us spending the rest of our lives together right on our front porch of Trenton Ave.

He got down on one knee, with our son by our sides, and asked me to marry him. Our home was filled with our families and friends excited to celebrate our engagement with us, completely planned by Timmy with the help of our moms and my best girlfriends. We are so excited to start this new chapter of our story, where it always felt right, on Trenton Ave in the city that we love, Philadelphia.

Special Thanks