Dana and Steve

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how they asked

From the photographer: As soon as I saw that I had a friend request from Steve, I knew that he was going to propose to Dana. And boy, he planned the perfect sunrise Georgetown proposal!After accepting the friend request, I received the message: I am proposing to Dana and it would be amazing if you could capture the moment! I literally stopped everything I was doing, ran to tell my fiance, and then tried to calmly reply back. I’m pretty sure exclamation points were way overused, but I just couldn’t hold back the excitement!

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Steve and I decided that we would make this proposal a “styled shoot”. I would message Dana and ask her if she would be interested in modeling for me because of a last minute cancellation… She totally bought it, and we were good to go! Steve and I planned the location, time, and key words, while simultaneously I was texting Dana about outfits and weather.April 1st had arrived, and I think the only person more nervous than Steve was me! After I got the lighting right in my camera and I saw that they were warming up to being photographed, I gave my key word and he proposed! We couldn’t have planned it more perfectly if we even tried! The sun even came out! WHOOP WHOOP!

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Dana was so surprised and very impressed with our planning. The best part of it all was that they were able to celebrate their engagement all day long since we got up at the crack of dawn!Steve did such an amazing job planning the perfect proposal for Dana! Now they are off to start their wedding planning!!

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