Dana and Stephen

how we met

Stephen and I met on the Bumble app! We both swiped right and I was the first one to start the conversation! I After a few texts back and forth, we decided to go rock climbing to meet for the first time.

how they asked

Stephen made the proposal into a morning long scavenger hunt! When growing up, Stephen’s dad always did a scavenger hunt to find Christmas gifts with his siblings, so this is something he always had fun doing and it was meaningful to him. We went to three different places in the area that I was able to de-code from the clues. Each place was meaningful to us in a different way. We ended at Federal Hill Park where I was looking for the last clue under a bench. Our photographer, Madi, placed the clue there and was waiting patiently for us to arrive. When I picked up the clue and opened the envelop, I quickly realized it was a letter. Not even two sentences into the letter I was already crying and I didn’t even finish the letter before he was down on one knee! After our photoshoot with Madi, Stephen surprised me again with all my friends and family waiting at The Point bar in Fells Point!

Special Thanks