Dana and Michael

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How We Met

It’s a simple story. We had known each other for a few years before we started dating. It was during summertime, he and I have a lot of mutual friends, so we already had seen a lot of each other around town. He texted me one day and asked me if I wanted to meet him at La Piazza for lunch. I remember meeting him that day and I could not stop smiling and laughing the whole time. We spent the entire summer together after that day and have been inseparable ever since!

how they asked

Michael and I try to visit the Rockefeller Center Tree in NYC every year, but this year it was special because we went on my 30th birthday. Michael had picked out a restaurant and planned the whole day for me. As soon as I got home from getting my hair and nails done, he came home with a HUGE display of 30 red long stem roses. Not knowing what was to come, I was already so excited about how special this birthday would be!

When we got to the tree, we walked around the entire siting, took pictures of all of the beautiful decorations, it was truly a magical scene, as it always is. As time passed, we realized it was almost time for our dinner reservation, and we needed to start looking for a cab.

Before we left The Tree, Michael had casually asked for one more picture before he left. He scanned the crowd for an unoccupied group of people to take the photo, which we had been doing all night, so he told me to find a spot in the midst of the crowd.

As my back was turned, Michael had told the couple who happily agreed to take our photo, that his phone was actually on video and he was about to propose to me. He asked them please not to react, as they tried to hold in their excitement. He came to my side and I smiled for the photo, and Michael took his arm off of me. My first thought was that maybe he was zipping up his jacket, or taking it off for the photo. I turned to my left and there he was, down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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There were screams of excitement, cheering, clapping, congratulating coming from all angles. It was unbelievable. Despite the noise, in this moment my whole world stood still. There was only us two. Michael Anthony Mercurio, I love you endlessly, you never seize to amaze me. I cannot wait to marry you!!!!!

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