Dana and Matthew

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How We Met

Matt and I met in high school. We had classes together here and there but never really got to chat much. It was pretty clear that I had no interest in boys, or a “boyfriend” for that matter. Then, junior year came around and Matt sat behind me in our pre-calculus class. All during class, he was quiet but secretly a jokester. I definitely thought he was funny and knew he had a little quirk about him. He belonged to a church that was hosting an upcoming event and he persistently invited me to come.

I finally said I would attend, ended up getting involved and we became super close friends. We finished high school, ended up both attending our local community college for two years and then transferred to the same university for the remainder of our undergraduate studies. He finally asked me out during college and we’ve been dating ever since, and now are getting married! Matt is a second year medical school student so life is crazy but it’s been the best season yet!

how they asked

Beginning in the Middle of July…

Matt surprised me with a set of roses and a letter on a random Saturday morning. The letter included instructions for an end of the summer adventure. In the letter, it stated that there would be more sets of roses and letters much like the first one – either letters of endearment or instructions pertaining to the adventure. However, with each set of roses, there would be one less rose which indicated the time until the adventure began.

After I received sets of five, four, three, and two roses with accompanying letters, there was only one rose left. After leaving a meeting on a Wednesday night, I traveled back to stay in Vineland, New Jersey for the evening. On Thursday morning at a VERY early 4:30am, Matt woke me up and said that we were leaving by 5am. I had no clue what was going on, other than I was scheduled to be in work that day. Matt told me, “I took care of that. You’re off today and tomorrow!” Next thing I knew, we were on a 10 hour road trip to Bar Harbor, Maine! We arrived in Maine, and Matt had the reserved the cutest little bed and breakfast right in the middle of town. We had dinner, walked around, went into some shops and enjoyed time together.

Friday morning rolled around and we were getting ready for the day. We had breakfast and then were headed to Acadia National Park. Prior to getting out of the door, I was a total diva because my hair wasn’t laying right and I hated everything about it! 30 minutes later…we left for Acadia. We arrived and the sights were breathtaking!

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I went off to the side to take some photos while Matt was taking photos on the other side. After a few minutes, Matt came over to find me and told me to come with him. He led me to the rocks where I found the last letter and rose. As I was facing the water reading the last letter (taking forever!) the very last sentence read, “I have one last set of instructions for you. Turn around.” and there he was on one knee!

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The wildest moment of my life!

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Not only did he propose at one of the most beautiful National Parks – he hired a photographer to capture the ENTIRE moment and do an engagement shoot right after the proposal! It was out of this world!

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Special Thanks

The Shalom Imaginative
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