Dana and Kyle

How We Met: We met at Rowan University during Spring semester, 2007 in an English class. During the following Fall semester in another course, Kyle asked if he could sit next to me. He wouldn’t let anyone else sit next to me for the remainder of the semester.

During winter break, Kyle did a 3 week study abroad program in Europe with a group of English majors, including my roommate Kelly. After returning to campus in January, the people who went to Europe decided to get together at an apartment in Campus Crossings. Knowing that Kyle would be there, I asked Kelly if I could go. I was very excited to spend time with Kyle outside of class, and made sure to wear something extra cute with the help of Kelly and her boyfriend (now husband), Mike.

Kyle and I hit it off at the party, and on the walk home, we shared our first kiss on Rowan’s campus. A few weeks later, after a date night watching Across the Universe in his Atlantic City apartment, Kyle officially asked me to be his girlfriend. We will definitely include a Beatles song in our ceremony!

how they asked: Since childhood, Christmas Eve has been my favorite night of the year. I love family traditions, and this night always brings tons of laughter and memories with my loud, crazy family. This past Christmas Eve, Kyle decided to make the night extra special! A few weeks prior, Kyle and I drove up to my family’s house to decorate their Christmas tree. While going to pick up dinner with my Dad, Kyle had asked for my hand in marriage. Before the proposal, my dad had a sense it was coming, and asked my cousin Todd to take a video.

After my family was gathered in the kitchen of my childhood home, Kyle lined up my Mom, Dad, brother, and sister. Then, he gave them each a wrapped gift. Each gift was a board that read part of the message, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” One my one, my family opened it. When my sister opened her gift and held up the board “something new”, my family realized what was happening and went crazy!

I had realized too, and was barely able to open up my gift, which was a board that said “something asked 12.14.13” Kyle then got down on one knee and proposed. I’m incredibly thankful that he was so thoughtful (and brave!) in planning a proposal that included my family. It means so much to me that we shared this moment with people I love.