Dana and Ken

How We Met

Let’s go back to May 31, 2016…I had broken my wrist that day at the gym, and after surgery and adding some hardware to my wrist, I was sporting a fancy new hard cast.

About 4 weeks later, Rachael (Ken’s sister) was getting ready to move across the country and we were having some drinks to say farewell. After a few drinks, she proclaimed that she needed to set me up with her brother. I laughed it off, thinking she wasn’t serious, or that even if she was, he probably wouldn’t be interested.

Well, wouldn’t you know, the next morning, I got a text from him! And we hit it off right away.

A few days later, I was sitting in the hospital, anxiously awaiting having my cast removed. The nurse took me in the back and started to saw through the cast…needless to say, after weeks of working out in it and riding my horses with it on, the sight and smell were very unpleasant, and all I could think was “oh my gosh…I have a blind date tonight and he is going to be able to smell my arm!!” I remember wrapping my arm almost up to my elbow in an ace bandage and I wore a long sleeve shirt, despite it being very warm, to cover up the evidence!

Dana and Ken's Engagement in On the front walkway at our house.

We had our first date that night at Pru Thai in Clinton, New Jersey. As I walked up to the front door, I saw a very good looking young man standing there, and lucky me, it was Ken! I don’t think I made eye contact with him for the entire date (or first few months we dated, for that matter). I thought he was so handsome, I simply couldn’t even look at him!

We started seeing each other a few times a week, sometimes every day, and found that we just genuinely enjoyed spending time with each other, whether we were going on adventures, or staying in and binge-watching The Office.

Fast forward to present day…I’ve gotten better about making eye contact with him, but I still think he’s the most handsome guy in the world!

How They Asked

Although Ken and I are both originally from New Jersey, he had gotten a job in Pennsylvania and needed to move there. We were dating at the time but at a point that we had been talking about moving in together, so we decided to start looking for a house.

It all happened fairly quickly. We found the house of our dreams on 5 acres in a quiet area, put in an offer, got the house inspected, and within a month we were signing paperwork! February 28th, 2018, we went and did our final walk through and then went to sign a ridiculous amount of paperwork to officially become homeowners!

Where to Propose in On the front walkway at our house.

After all of the I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed, we went back to the house with the real estate agent to get our picture taken in front of the house with the “SOLD” sign. When she left, Ken asked me to go back to the front door to take one more picture. So I walked up to the front door, turned around and he was getting down on one knee with a ring box in hand! It was the most beautiful ring and it came at such a meaningful time, I was absolutely shocked and overwhelmed (in a great way!). I was so surprised, it felt like I blacked out and afterward, for hours, I kept asking him to make sure that I had said yes, and if I hadn’t, “yes” was my answer!

It took me a while to come back down from the high of all of the events of the day, but after a while, I realized that the ring he got was actually a ring I had shown him a few months earlier that I thought was beautiful from a company called…are you ready? Ken and Dana Designs. It was like it was meant to be!