Dana and Joseph

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Magic Kingdom, Disney World

How We Met

Joe and I were introduced through a mutual friend in June 2013. We met up at a pool hall on a Friday night. Even though we seemed to hit it off, Joe didn’t ask for my number before leaving and I didn’t offer it. A couple days later, the mutual friend texted me asking why I haven’t answered Joe’s text from the day before and I said I never got a text from him!! Turns out since Joe didn’t ask me for my number, he asked our friend and was given the wrong area code!!! Once that was fixed, we began talking and made plans to go out again on a double date with our mutual friends and then on our own. My friends and I had vacation plans to Wildwood 4th of July weekend and invited Joe to come down for a night with us. Obviously, we had an amazing time that weekend. Fast forward to October 2013, Joe and I made our relationship “official”… and the rest is history.

how they asked

For our two year anniversary, we went away for a weekend to the Warwick NY winery. That weekend we talked about where our relationship was going and Joe basically told me “we’ll be engaged around this time next year”. A few months later, I started hinting that I wanted to go to Disney because everyone I knew was vacationing there recently and I hadn’t been in so long. Joe kept telling me there was no way we could afford a Disney trip at that point. But, in April 2016 he suddenly changed his mind and wanted to go the week of our 3-year anniversary. Of course all I was thinking was “YES DISNEY PROPOSAL”. The next 6 months, between him, my friends and my family, they had me totally convinced I was not getting engaged anytime soon, nor would it be in Disney in October. So as to not ruin my vacation, I pushed the thought out of my head and was just ready to enjoy the week away with Joe in the happiest place on earth. We got there on Sunday, our anniversary was on Thursday. Joe wasn’t the slightest bit nervous or acting funny, so I knew I shouldn’t expect a thing, for real.

Dana's Proposal in Magic Kingdom, Disney World

On Wednesday, we planned to spend the entire day in Magic Kingdom starting at 8am, since they were calling for a hurricane on Thursday and were closing the parks! By 3pm I was exhausted, so we went back to the room to rest before dinner reservations at 7 back in Magic Kingdom. I started to think something was odd when Joe couldn’t finish his dinner. The meal was huge, but nothing he couldn’t handle… he said he was stuffed after half! We left the restaurant around 8:30 and walked through the park again, killing time before fireworks at 10. We stopped at various photographers to take some pictures. Joe kept insisting to find the perfect spot with a photographer in front of the castle all lit up “because it would make a really cool picture”. The spot he wanted was in the courtyard, so we went near there to get a spot for fireworks, but the photographers go away during the show. After the show, we walked over the the spot he was so insistent on, but no photographer in sight. So, being totally and completely exhausted, I just sat on the ground and waited… now 11:30 pm. After a few minutes of nothing, we got up and found a photo spot in front of the Walt & Mickey statue in front of the castle. We got in line, and when it was our turn Joe told me to take one by myself because it was just a perfect spot. After looking at him funny for a second, I shrugged my shoulders and went off to take my solo picture, and Joe joined after a couple shots. He started to pull away after 2 shots together and I was like “Wait, we’re not done yet”. Next thing I knew he was down on his knee asking me to marry him. I was TOTALLY speechless. I started to hear people around us yell “SAY YES SAY YES” and I realized I hadn’t spoken yet!!! I shook my head YES because I still couldn’t get words out.