Dana and Johnny

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How We Met

Johnny and I loosely knew each other in college through friends of friends, but it wasn’t until a few years after college that we finally started dating!

how they asked

Johnny and I were in Palm Springs celebrating our three year anniversary – just a quick drive from LA, we went to the desert to relax and get some serious sun time. On Saturday morning, we woke up and took a leisurely walk around the grounds of the stunning desert landscape at Korakia Pensione followed by a fresh breakfast near the lobby’s bubbling fountains.

Our plan for a lazy Saturday had been to remain poolside and get massages; as I laid by the pool in the midday sun, Johnny went to the front desk to inquire about massages. When he returned, Johnny let me know that despite being booked solid, he had worked with the staff to come up with another way to celebrate: we needed to be ready for the evening by 7:15 so that we could have a private cocktail hour complete with champagne and flowers. To be clear – I knew this was happening, and didn’t think anything of it! The week before our stay, we had seen on Korakia’s website that they offer this as a celebratory option during your stay.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Korakia Pensione

As the sun began to set and the mountains turned their mystic purple, Johnny and I fixed ourselves up for cocktail hour and a bike ride to an outdoor dinner at Workshop Kitchen+Bar. We wandered from our villa to an area that was illuminated with flowers, petals, and a bottle of champagne on ice. As I stepped toward the couch to take a seat, I felt Johnny’s hand in mine. “Babe, turn around,” he said gently.

I KNEW IMMEDIATELY. As I turned slowly, I began to feel fuzzy. My eyes came to rest on Johnny’s, already welling with tears. After a few loving words about our three years together, Johnny got down on one knee and asked me to marry him; I answered with a resounding “yes!” As we hugged, a familiar jingle started to ring and we heard several unmistakable happy snorts – Honey, our Golden Retriever, was running toward us, followed by my parents, Johnny’s mom and her SO, and my sister and her boyfriend!

As we toasted, a photographer emerged from her hiding place and continued to snap photos of us celebrating. By this time, Johnny’s brother and his girlfriend had joined the party; Johnny then announced that he had secretly secured a later reservation for the 10 of us at Workshop! We spent the rest of the evening eating, drinking, and celebrating our love, and I could not have imagined a more incredible night for us!

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