Dana and Jeffery

How We Met

I met Jeff a little over 2 years ago while swiping on Bumble. I never thought a dating app was for me, but living in a small town at the time, I took the chance and gave it a try. After a week of us messaging back and forth, we decided to meet in Franklin, North Carolina. We jokingly say, “Love at First Swipe.”

Dana's Proposal in Lake Blue Ridge

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lake Blue Ridge

Dana and Jeffery's Engagement in Lake Blue Ridge

How They Asked

Jeff and I had just finished our school years and he wanted to plan a little weekend getaway to celebrate the summer break. He threw out the idea of Blue Ridge, Georgia and it looked like a relaxing place to visit. We started looking at different cabins of where we wanted to stay and we were both excited for a weekend away.

As I was packing for the trip I jokingly asked, “Do I need to bring anything special to wear?” He sternly said NO and was annoyed that I was even asking him this question. (I constantly was hinting around as to when he was going to ask). I did not bring it up again and figured this weekend away was not the weekend it was going to happen.

We left for Blue Ridge Friday afternoon. The kayaks were strapped to the Jeep, the bags were packed, and our sweet pup Nala was ready for the adventure. As we drove through the mountains, I was ready to be there. When we arrived, we checked into our cabin and headed to check it out. It was super cute tucked away in the woods with cows out front. As we got unpacked, Jeff mentioned that we should make use of the daylight and go for a little kayaking trip. We changed our clothes and got ready to head to the water. We drove to Lake Blue Ridge, put in the kayaks, and enjoyed some time on the lake. After being on the lake for a couple of hours, we decided to head back so that we could head to dinner. We got out of the lake and were headed to the Jeep, Jeff said “Let’s go stand down here” where there was a viewing platform of the lake. As I walked down, I noticed there was a photographer. I said to Jeff, there is a photographer here and seconds later he was down on one knee and popping the question and of course, I said YES! Thanks to Deana for capturing this moment!

Our little weekend away turned out to be perfect! He had cute shirts made for us that we wear the next day on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad, went Kayaking on the Toccoa River, did some hiking to see a pretty waterfall, and enjoyed our proposal weekend!

Special Thanks

Deana Lee Photography