Dana and Ian

Image 1 of Dana and Ian

How We Met

We met at work! My husband, Ian, and older brother, Mike are business partners! We all worked in the same office space. Ian and I went to lunch once & it immediately felt like an unintentional date. We kept it a secret for a few months and here we are married!

How They Asked

We took a trip to Europe last summer. In Italy, day 3 of the trip, ALL of our luggage was stolen including the engagement ring & Ian hadn’t proposed yet! Ian had to stay calm because I had no idea he was planning on proposing. A few days later he proposed on a boat in the French Riviera & used a paper clip as an engagement ring.

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Image 2 of Dana and Ian

Image 3 of Dana and Ian

We got the new ring 3 days before the wedding & had a private ceremony with parents & grandparents only! Although I love my diamond ring, the paper clip was just as special because love isn’t about diamonds, it’s about getting through the good times & the obstacles together. I wouldn’t change a thing about our Europe trip & engagement story. It was perfect!

Image 4 of Dana and Ian

Image 5 of Dana and Ian

Special Thanks

Amanda Marie Harner
 | Photographer