Dana and Eric

Image 1 of Dana and Eric

How We Met

we were set up on a blind date by his cousin. I went to school with her and she kept telling me that we would be perfect for each other but he was overseas in the Air Force at the time, so we finally got together the day before my birthday in June. We hit it off right away and the rest is history!

How They Asked

We were in FL with my parents for thanksgiving week and I just had a feeling he was going to propose but I wasn’t sure when. My mom told me that we were going to get our hair done before dinner at Joe’s Stone Crab, which I thought was a little odd. My hair ended up taking forever and they kept texting me asking if I was almost done because the sunset was supposed to be really beautiful.

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When I was finally finished the sun was already setting and Eric said let’s hurry up and go down to the cabanas your parents want to take pictures and watch the sunset from there. I thought that was fishy because we always watch it from our balcony. Well, we started walking up to the cabana and I immediately started crying my eyes out.

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There was a beautiful display of roses and champagne and cake. Eric said to me I know I joked with you last week that I would propose in 5 years but what I really meant was 5 days. Will you marry me? I said yes of course! The happiest day of our lives so far ❤️

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Image 5 of Dana and Eric