Dana and David

How We Met

We met through a dating website, plenty of fish, thanks to my sister and good friend Amanda’s gentle encouragement. I had signed up for the site and Dave was one of the lucky first few guys to message me. He seemed pretty normal and not like a super creep like most of the unwanted comments I had from other people. He made a small joke and asked where my favorite destination had been that I traveled to in his first message. We exchanged a couple of messages on the app before he asked for my number to begin texting. We texted a lot and had a few conversations on the phone. He asked me to meet up and I politely declined as I had thought I was not ready. Dave was super upfront about “having enough friends” and “not wanting a pen pal” but he continued to talk to me, because I am pretty awesome. Eventually (just 3 short days later) I was ready to meet him. We settled on…drum roll please…. Starbucks. We met at one in the middle-ish as he worked in Wheeling at the time and I was in Libertyville, so we choose the Lincolnshire Starbucks. I picked Starbucks because it is quite enough to have a conversation, public enough in case he turned out to be some serial killer/kidnapper, and easy enough to leave if the date was a dud (Spoiler alert – it wasn’t!). It was pretty late for coffee because Dave had to work that day. I got there first and decided to order a drink so it wouldn’t be awkward if we ordered at the same time when it came time to pay. I found out much later in our relationship that he was thrown off by the fact that he didn’t pay for my drink….oops. Anyways, I was texting some friends (naturally) killing time waiting for him to arrive, and wanted something to break the ice and make myself feel more relaxed. I came up with a genius plan to text Dave while he was on his way to the Starbucks that “I should probably tell you something before we meet. It’s pretty important..” Dave thought I was going to say something dramatic like I was in a wheelchair, or I was really a dude, or I was in fact NOT the girl in the pictures (Everyone has seen Catfish, right?!). He decided to call rather than text to find out my revelation, that I was indeed, pretty awesome, and that he will probably end up liking me a whole lot more. I also found out later that he was ready to turn around and not meet up if it was something dramatic. Relieved that I was not texting to tell him I was a dude, he finally arrived. I was sitting outside since it was August and we said hello awkwardly and he went in to get a drink. I took advantage of the brief alone time to send a quick text to my sister, letting her know that he was the guy from the pictures and that he was pretty cute. Once he came back we talked for hours. We stayed at Starbucks until well after they closed for the night just talking. There was one memorable silence in our flowing conversation when a van pulled up and they had a golden retriever. Anyone who knows me knows my love (or obsession?) with dogs. I tried to restrain myself from going over to pet the dog, but decided to ask him if he cared if I went over to see this cute little puppy! He was fine with it and I later found out relieved to have a natural break in the conversation and that it “was cute” that I skipped over to the dog. We talked for a little while longer before calling it a night. He asked me out on a second date before the date was over to go watch a preseason game at Mrs. P & Me. We ended the night with a hug goodbye and a text when we each got home. <3

how they asked

It was the day before my 31st birthday and we had planned to have dinner at Wildfire at 7:45, we had a lazy morning start that day. I wanted to get my nails done for my birthday so Dave dropped me at the nail salon and he went to go run some last minute errands. After my manicure he picked me back up and we went to Bannockburn to go to the Arboretum since they have a “Sur La Table” there and there was a couple things Dave wanted to get that we had seen at one in AZ. So we shopped around and went in to a couple of stores, one of which was by a Jeweler. Dave asked if I wanted to go in and I laughed it off and said “Nah”. We went in the two stores and then he asked again and I said okay. I wanted to see if they had any small gold stud earrings and of course to check out the engagement rings. They didn’t have any earrings and I was drawn to the same rings I am always drawn to. The gold band with the round solitaire diamond. I tried it on and it looked so damn good. Dave asked the guy a couple questions about diamonds and we left. When we got home I went into the bathroom. Then I came out and saw Dave in the living room with Bentley who had his harness on and a card attached. It feels like a blur and I went over and Bentley was sitting nicely next to Dave and the card read “Mommy” on the outside. I think Dave said something about oh – Bentley wanted to give you this card. I opened it and read it. The outside said LOVE and it read “Mommy – I thought about it and I think we should let Dave stay around a while….. At least until I don’t need walks and kibble anymore…….. I said Yes. Love, Bentley the pup” I looked up at Dave in shock as he got down on one knee and asked If I would Marry him and held out the ring. I of course said Yes! I couldn’t believe it! I was so so so so happy. I was shaking and couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I was definitely not expecting it! :) <3 I loved that he included Bentley. It made me so happy.