Dana and Bill

How We Met

In May 2016, Bill and Dana first met each other at a church event called Faith On Tab in Florham Park, NJ. Dana came to the event with her co-worker, who just so happened to be friends with Bill. Coincidence, we don’t think so ;).

Three months later, Dana was invited to attend a silent adoration at Spirit & Truth. She sat in the last row, while Bill was sitting in the row in front of her. When the adoration finally ended, they talked for what seemed like hours and exchanged phone numbers. On that night, the two of them knew they met their forever soulmate. However, obstacles kept the two apart, making it even harder on the two of them.

In December 2016, Dana started praying a beautiful Novena called “Mary Undoer Of Knots” for a total of 9 days, praying to God to finally allow her and Bill to be together. On the ninth day, those obstacles disappeared. At last, Bill and Dana began hanging out on a regular basis, truly enjoying each other’s company.

Three weeks after the Novena ended, Bill sent Dana a text message asking, “What do you think about making next Saturday an official date?” Dana ran to the kitchen at her job and did a little gig, then texted him back “I would like that!” The couple went out on their first date and instantly felt a natural, true connection. Thus started the beginning of their love for each other.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Loyola Center in Morristown

how they asked

We were at the #loyolajesuitcenter gift shop. I liked a nickles that they had so Bill offered to buy it for me he paid for it and put it in his pocket. We decided to take a walk in their beautiful garden before we head home. Bill got the necklace box, stood in front of me and opened it. I did not see the necklace I asked for but instead, it was a beautiful engagement ring ??! He then went on one knee and asked me to marry him ?? and with countless happy tears, I said YES!!

P.s To this day, I do not know what happened to that necklace ?