Leslie and Dan

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How We Met

Dan and I are both full-time farmers in Livingston County NY. We have a mutual friend (Travis Walton) who tried to set us up for about six months. We kept declining until one day we literally bumped into each other at the local John Deere dealership (Lakeland, Avon NY)…….unbelievable for two farmers right?

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Neither of us said a word to each other, even though we both knew who the other was. Upon leaving Dan called our friend Travis and promptly asked for my phone number.

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A little while later I received a text that said “Hi this is Danny, I probably should have said that to you two hours ago”. We went on a few dates, and we never looked back! Almost two years later we are now engaged!

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how they asked

As full-time farmers October is a big-time harvest month! Dan operates one of his farm’s S680 bean combines, so he’s a skilled-professional. It was nearing the end of soybean harvest and he had the perfect hillside field. He says that he had the plan for months and was waiting to execute the entire thing at just the right moment. On Tuesday morning he combined out the words “Marry Me?” into the field.

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His plan was for me to stop by that evening and “look at the fall foliage”. Well due to my mother having been in the hospital for two days straight with a kidney stone, I didn’t get home until dark. He decided to put it off until the next day and casually asked me to meet him for lunch Wednesday and once again, “look at the leaves”. Meanwhile one of our close friends and part-time agricultural photographer took photos of the field with his drone and loaded them to Dan’s iPad.

So after lunch on Wednesday we went to look at the field and combine more of the beans, or so I thought. We pulled into the field with his combine and I noticed that the field was all chopped up. I asked him what he had done to the field (usually a field would be harvested in straight lines directly back and forth), but he said nothing and just asked me to get out of the combine. We walked to the front of the combine and he handed me the iPad with the aerial photo of the field….He said “I don’t know if you can read that, but here’s what it says”. He got down on one knee, pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him (meanwhile our friend Kevin was there snapping photos).

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I then said “yes” of course! Now we have a very special memory of the day thanks to Kevin’s beautiful photos and all Danny’s hard work.

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That field will always hold a special place in our hearts!

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Special Thanks

Kevin Keenan
 | Proposal Photographer