Lauren and Dan

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How We Met

I first met Dan the first day of our graduate school. We both graduated from the University of Rhode Island with our Doctorates of Physical Therapy in 2014. When I first met him, I remember thinking of how funny his Rhode Island accent was. Who pronounces “remember” as “remembah”?! I was sitting in class completely taken back by what a gentleman and kind person he was to everyone around. Soon, I learned not only was this guy kind hearted but he was ridiculously intelligent- a total catch! I’m not going to lie, I may have pretended to not understand the material taught in class so that I could have a study buddy. Dan and I spent a lot of time together studying and formed a great friendship. Throughout our studies our feelings became stronger and stronger for each other. To this day, I believe he is the only person who can calm me down when i’m panicked and stressed out. We traveled to Guatemala on a volunteer trip to provide physical therapy for children with disabilities. It was then that we realized we have the same life values and we were meant to be together. That was when our story truly started. Now, fast forwarding a few chapters–I am head over heels in love, have started our own little family with our puppy and we are getting married! I also am starting to have a Rhode Island accent myself. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

how they asked

It was Thanksgiving day, spending time with my family at my grandparents lake house in Massachusetts. My grandparent’s house is one of my favorite places in the world. Growing up, all fun memories were made at the lake house. We were all finishing dessert when my father stood up and said we had to take a family group shot out on the dock to send to my brother. My brother is a Marine in California and whenever the family is all together, we make sure to take pictures to send to him. (So I didn’t think anything of it!) We all grabbed our jackets and headed to the dock. Dan was in front of me, leading the pack. As we were walking down, I realized that nobody else was following me out onto the dock. I looked back at my family who were all starring with smiles and that “awwwwww” look and I finally realized what was going on. I looked to Dan and he had already been on one knee with the most gorgeous ring in his hands. My father was on paparazzi duty and my cousin had recorded the whole thing! I was in such complete shock, I forgot to say yes!

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Before I knew it we popped champagne and was celebrating. It was truly magical! Both of our families live 1.5 hours away and each year we split thanksgiving so we can see everyone. Dan wanted it to be special for his family as well, so he took the video my cousin recorded and sent it to his parents. As we returned back to Rhode Island later that day, his parent’s played the video on the television as we were walking though the front door for everyone to see. Tears of joy, cheers and more champagne toasts followed. It was amazing to capture everyone’s initial reaction with both families. I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal, everything I have ever wanted and so special.

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