Hannah and Dan

How We Met

If you don’t consider University of New Hampshire the most magical place on earth, you have something new to learn! I was a freshman and Danny was a sophomore when we were introduced at a grimy frat party in the fraternity he was pledging. It was not love at first sight, however looking back there was definitely a spark of interest on both ends. We took turns playing hard to get for a good two years before we both realized that maybe we should take some time and actually get to know each other. It was the end of summer going into my junior year when he finally asked me on our first date. Although we had now known each other for almost three years, I still had major butterflies! The conversation and interaction and tons of laughs were so natural, it became clear that fate had brought us together. We made it “official” on October 7th, 2011 and our love story grew from there!

how they asked

To put this proposal into perspective, Danny and I got a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Ollie, when we moved in together in 2014. We are both utterly obsessed with his perfection and consider him our real child. It was June 5, 2016, a rainy gloomy day, and the day after Danny’s sister got married. I was feeling a bit under the weather from having far too much fun celebrating his sister and her new hubby, so I decided to take a nap. I was half asleep when I felt Ollie jump on the bed. He is not typically allowed up without permission, but I was (and always am) happy to have a cuddle buddy. A few moments after I felt his beastly (125lb) self curl up next to me, Danny woke me up encouraging me to look at a new present he got for Ollie that was on his collar.

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Out of pure discombobulation and confusion I rolled over to check it out without suspecting a thing. The moment I found the tag that read “Will you marry my dadd?” the waterworks began! I rolled back over to find Danny next to the bed on one knee. I am not even sure what he said because I was so ecstatic that this moment had finally come. I some how managed to choke out the words YES!

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