Dalton and Rebekah

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How We Met

The first time we saw each other was briefly from a distance at a church during a visit to my cousins in Georgia. Not even enough to wonder. About a year or so later, I moved to Georgia with my family in order to be closer to my cousins. I became a member of the church. His family was one of the first to welcome me to the church.

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As well as provide me with a job at their family owned print shop. Dalton and I where co-workers first… Distant but acquainted, not really giving each other a thought. Then friends… warming up to each others’ company, starting to wonder.

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Then best friends… Then we started dating…We went through tough years and situations that most thought would tear us apart… but it brought us closer… we clung to each other like our lives depended on it. And for me, it did. Dalton kept me grounded and sane and alive

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how they asked

One day on a date night to cracker barrel, we decided to try this new “Double chocolate fudge Coka-cola cake”…and upon the first bite… Dalton stated, “This is the best cake ever!” To which I quickly replied, “I could probably make this.” “If you can make this cake… I’ll marry you.” Dalton responded. The next day I made him a Coka-cola cake. Our Sunday school teacher and Daltons buddies found out and hounded him on it quite often. Too much fun not to.

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That is the short and sweet story Dalton told everyone before he followed with…”That being said…” *geta down on one knee & pulls out a ring box from nowhere* “Will you marry me?” Of course, after a lapse of joyful shock had passed. I said “Yes!” The next few hours were quite a blur. I remember laughter and excitement. My friends and family jumping up and down pure elatedness. All I can remember thinking was; “Wow it actually happened, I’m getting married. I’m engaged. I had planned my boyfriend’s birthday party for a week and it turned out I’d actually planned my fiance’s and I’s engagement party!? How’d this happen?” I remember going home and giggling to myself, while staring at my ring, thinking “I must be the luckiest woman on earth. I am so blessed.”

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