Dallas and Paige's Up-Themed Proposal

Image 1 of Paige and Dallas

How We Met

We met on tinder and we always joke about it. On our first date, we went to in-n-out for a shake and drove up to squaw peak in Provo which is a coming make-out spot, but all we did was talk! One of my biggest anxieties is that there will be awkward silences but that night there wasn’t any. It was such a great night!

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how they asked

His sister told me that for her mother-in-law’s upcoming birthday we were going to get our nails done and go to a fancy lunch so I needed to dress up. (Apparently I wear my Nike shorts too much). After we got our nails done, our lunch reservation was at 11:30 so we started heading to the “restaurant”. We drove to a house in Herriman (about a half hour south of SLC) that is completely styled from the house in Up. Floor plan, paint, hose, everything. He was sitting on the porch and when I walked up and sat next to him, he handed me the adventure book.

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In it were all the pictures that are momentous in our relationship. The last page had the movie tickets from movies we have seen together and then the next page was blank. So I closed the book and he stood up so I did too. But I had to reopen the book because there was something else. On the next page, it said, “will you, Paige Elizabeth Torbit, marry me?”

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He got the ring box out of the picnic basket and got down on his knee and said, “I just want to be with you forever” in a choked up voice. After I said yes, his nephew got out of their car parked down the street wearing a pilot hat and goggles and a little bomber jacket and balloons attached to his belt loop to give to me. My fiancée, Dallas, completely tied in my love for Disney and made it so special!