Dallas and Jacob

Proposal Ideas The bride’s best friend’s home

How They Asked

My fiancé’s birthday is November 18th, so he had originally planned to propose then. He had the perfect place, the best plan, a photographer, the works. Unfortunately my stepdad (who I was extremely close to) was placed in Hospice care days before my fiancé’s birthday, and passed away two days later, so my sweet boyfriend told me his plans with a broken heart, and we agreed to postpone the engagement. For over a month, I waited patiently, expecting him to “pop the question” at any moment, but after Christmas Day had passed and I still had no ring on my finger, I had given up hope. Finally, December 31st came along. We were dressed up and closing out 2019 with our closest pals at my very best friend’s home, when the clock struck midnight. After everyone had shared their New Year kisses with their significant others, my boyfriend grabbed everyone’s attention, and got down on one knee! He told me later that before my stepdad had gotten extremely sick, he DID ask him if he could marry me, to which of course my stepdaddy gave his blessing. I’m so grateful to be marrying a man who loves and respects me, who took both of my dads into consideration, and allowed me my period of grief. He was disappointed that he didn’t get to propose at his original time and place, but I assured him that having my best friend there meant so much to me!

Dallas and Jacob's Engagement in The bride’s best friend’s home