Dalia and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I met at the school we work at now. Before I started working there Ryan was as well but he left right before I was hired. So we just missed eachother. But God works in wonderful ways and aligned everything just for our paths to cross. After working together for some time and getting to know eachother we both heard the Lord speak to us in the break room. We both heard God and felt His presence and at that moment we knew what was ahead for our relationship. We created this bond through our love for Christ and wanted nothing more than to serve Him and show everyone the love He poured into us.

How They Asked

We shared the same friends, church, goals, values, but most importantly the same faith. And so at church in front of our family and friends and everyone watching live on Facebook Ryan proposed. That Sunday, August 16, marked our first day towards the union of our love with God. Ryan and I were serving as greeters like we always do on Sundays and I noticed my mom’s car drive up into the parking lot. I just brushed it off reminding myself that she would give me a heads up if she was going to attend church. So after greeting everyone we sat down to enjoy the service and our pastor started announcing awards. I started looking around at everyone that was at church that Sunday and realized my entire family was sitting out in the back of the crowd.

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That’s when I knew. My stomach started turning and I just kept blaming it on the coffee. But then our pastor said he had one last award and everyone took out their cameras and before I know it he is calling Ryan and me up for “help” with the award. So we got up there in front of the church and in frame with the phone that was recording for Facebook and our pastor’s wife introduced us and stalled so that the ring could get to Ryan.

Image 2 of Dalia and Ryan

Next thing I know Ryan is on his knee with a microphone in his hand asking me to marry him. So of course I said yes and I stuck my shaky hand out. I can’t remember the rest of the service that day I just know I had my family there, our bestfriend gave a good word, and Ryan and I were engaged.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Patrick Faulkner
 | Photographer
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 | Planning