Dalia and Pedro

how we met

Pedro and I first met while I was in college. He was one of the leaders of a bible study group that I was a part of on campus. We did not start courting until about 9 years later. We remained in touch through ministry and many mutual friends.

how they asked

The proposal was a total surprise! We were only courting for 6 months before we got engaged. I was living in New York at the time for grad school. I went to Houston with my mom and good friend to spend the New Year’s. When picking me up from the airport we usually stop to get food but this time he insisted we go back to his apartment to drop off the suitcases first. When we arrived at the apartment complex his cousin Luisa took myself and my friend aside to show us around the complex. I did not care to see the gym or pool…because I was HUNGRY! Finally when the tour was over I started walking towards Pedro’s car but Luisa insists we go to the apartment because she wants to drop off a package. As I am walking up the stairs I am annoyed. Then when I opened the door to the apartment there were white and red rose petals spelling out “will you marry me?” and Pedro on bended knee with the bible in hand. I immediately close the door and look at my two companions who are looking back at me with puzzled faces. I open the door again this time onIy enough to peak into the apartment…he is still on bended knee, looking straight at me lol. I close the door again! I look back at my friends trying to piece everything together. They keep asking me what is wrong and I literally can not speak. Finally, I open the door again and run to him, he says something about loving me and I give him a hug. Then he asks “is that a yes???” I really thought I said yes lol. I yell Yes at the top of my lungs and give him another hug….moral of the story feed your future fiance before you try to propose.

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