Carlos and Daley's Sentimental Proposal at Big Sur

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How We Met

Cultural norms tell us your twenties are for finding your spouse and repopulating the world. Thank God I was never one to follow norms or else this love story may not have happened. Most of my time in my twenties was spent traveling the world and working toward my career goals. I dated here and there but as most failed relationships go things got messy and life moved on. It was clear to me that my life was drastically different than the other twenty somethings around me and while yes, some days it was hard, most days I felt incredibly content with the story that was unfolding before me.

It wasn’t until I was nearing my thirties that the reality of my singleness grew a bit more heavy and my heart started to be drawn to this whole settling down thing. I decided once I turned 30 I’d give dating a try and in classic fashion it didn’t go quite as expected. After failed attempts and relational hurts that come with dating I was kind of getting burnt out. So when my friends suggested online dating I laughed in their faces. But finally, after many months of them hounding me, I let them sign me up for eHarmony. Never in a million years did I think it would work and spent most of my time mocking the idea. But here I sit a year and a half later amazed at my story and in awe of this beautiful soul I get to marry.

Carlos and I both started eHarmony around the same time and he was actually one of the first people I communicated with. For whatever reason things didn’t progress and we both went our separate ways on the online dating world. After about four months of dating I felt exhausted and decided the rigors of online dating may not be for me. So I took a little sabbatical. In all honesty I had no real intention of getting back on and figured it wasn’t going to work just like I had said. But against everything that is characteristic for me I once again was convinced by my friends to give it another go. So about a month or so later I took a gander back around eHarmony and there I see that Carlos guy I had talked too previously. He had even left me a message I never saw over 3 months ago. I figured I’d reach back out just to see if he was still interested in digging deeper. And that is where things get interesting.

Classic love stories almost always have a bit of divine intervention and our story has a healthy dose of it as well. The day I wrote him was actually the last day of his subscription. Funny enough he was actually logging in to discontinue his subscription and he see’s a message from me, the girl it never really worked out with. I think for both of us we had quite a bit of interest originally when we had first communicated and so when Carlos saw me pop back up he was intrigued. For whatever reason he decided to message me back and this reconnection felt good. So what is a boy to do whose subscription is ending when a girl he could really like reaches out? Extend your subscription, what else! This sweet man signed up for longer just to communicate with me. Things progressed and eventually we had our first date.

Our first date couldn’t have been any more different than a normal first date, yet I had the absolute best time. It felt like I had known Carlos for years and our instant connection was like nothing I had ever experienced. I left the date with the biggest smile on my face and knew deep in my soul I was going to marry this man. I was actually embarrassed that I was even thinking such a thing as I had always prided myself on being a grounded person yet here I was being all hopelessly romantic. I vowed right then and there to calm the heck down and never tell a soul about these crazy thoughts I was having. But as weeks passed and we got to know each other more my heart felt more assured that indeed this was my guy. Carlos is all I had ever dreamt of and more.

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how they asked

Throughout our relationship I was always blown away by the way he pursues me. Constantly looking to love me in the exact ways I need. The best example of this was on the best day of my life when he asked me to spend forever with him. He had devised quite the scheme to get me to one of the most beautiful places and ask me the greatest question, completely unbeknownst to me. I had thought we were headed to the Big Sur area for the weekend to make a training video on drones for his sales team at work. We spent the first day looking for the best locations and I actually ended up being the one to suggest the place that would forever change my life.

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So bright and early Sunday morning we headed out to shoot this video. This was after a bit of drama as the drone had stopped working on our way to shoot the video. But we put our heads together and got it working again. I had believed at the time that I was going to be the model demonstrating how to use the drone. Carlos had also told me the best video won a trip and I’m a girl who loves traveling so you better believe I was going to be the best drone flyer anyone ever did see. After Carlos had set up all the cameras and drone he brought me down to the bridge where he handed me “the tutorial” on how to fly the drone. And as you will see from our video I quickly realize this is not at all what I believed and instead I was getting the greatest proposal ever, not that I’m biased.

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My love for people and relationships is key to who I am and the fact he spent the time incorporating so many of my loved ones into this moment was so incredibly special. I apologize in advance for my blubbering self but what can a girl do when the man of her dreams sweeps her right off her feet?

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I had always heard the phrase “when you know you know” and I can say that I KNOW this is the one whom my soul delights. I am ecstatic to spend all my years loving this man and am forever grateful to be blessed with him as my future husband.

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