Dakota and Sean

Dakota and Sean's Engagement in Wyoming

How We Met

Sean and I met one of my birthday celebrations, my roommate at the time had invited a bunch of strangers to join the festivities and low and behold Sean happened to be one of them. During that evening, ZERO sparks happened! Kidding, well sort of, this is somewhat true due to the fact that the I was busy running around the house and failed to pay attention to the young man trying to ge me to slow down. The next day, I asked my roommate about this guy vying for my attention the night before, after doing some digging (had to make sure he was single since he was photo’d with the same girl a lot! Which turned out to be his twin sister!). My roommate and I schemed together to make it so I could meet him again. That weekend we attended another party known as a “zip-tie” party, essentially you get paired up with someone else and are effectively zip-tied to one another until you both finish your drink (this wasn’t planned or to my advantage at all… can you tell?) so naturally we were tied together! As cheesy as it sounds, the rest was history! We drabk or drinks slow and effectively were tied together most of the night. Sean then asked me on a proper date and we’ve been together ever since!

how they asked

My fiance and I have been together for roughly 7 years now, we had an on going joke when I was younger that I wanted to be engaged by a certain age. Well when that birthday did inevitability role around, he interpreted it as he had that whole year to make it happen, and while he did by the ring ( his excitement was so much he just couldn’t keep it to himself…) it still didn’t happen. Months start going by, he knows I know he has a ring so every event I go to I get a nervous thinking “omg is it tonight?!” ( it never was). We had a road tripped planned as a delayed birthday gift, I love opals so he took me to mine them, and on our way back we planned to see the solar eclipse. Surely I thought both provided ample proposal spots! We went mining and camping but still nothing, then when we got to Casper my best friend was there, so naturally I knew this was it! Well, it wasn’t, the solar eclipse was AMAZING, but we were in a Wal-Mart parking lot, not so romantic. Even so my heart hurt a little, he finally got me not knowing when it was going to happen. On our drive home though Wyoming we stopped to sight see and take family photos with our dogs, we stopped in the middle of no where, did out routine, he set up the tripod as I wandered with the pup. He starts walking toward me with this big smile and drops to a knee! I feel like I froze in the moment but the best line came in the end, “I love you, I’m sorry I just couldn’t have Wal-Mart be our story, I hope i got this on tape!” (He didn’t) It was the most amazing and simple proposal that was totally us! And looking back I’m glad he thought the whole Wal-Mart thing through!

Dakota's Proposal in Wyoming