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How We Met

If anyone knows Preston and me, it is only fitting that our love story began in the church. Unexpectedly, and yet obvious in a way only God can manage. A friend of mine invited me to visit her church and of course… I was, of course, running late (per usual). I walked in after worship had begun so the room was dimly lit with no time to look around or meet anyone. When worship ended, a very attractive man walked onto the stage. I can’t remember anything he said, but I’m a nurse and so naturally, my first thought was “wow, he has really nice veins.” I told my friend, we giggled about it, and after the service was over “vein man” and I were finally introduced.

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His name was Preston…. Funny looking back now that our relationship started over my eye for nice veins and that I unknowingly at the time would get to love this mysterious vein man for the rest of my life. I began going to the church more often, and the more I was around, the more I began to notice Preston’s presence, whether it be in connect groups or hangouts with friends. He always seemed to be there. Other people started to speculate that he may have had an interest in me… I doubted it and denied the possibility. All along secretly hoping they were right and knowing if he ever asked me out…I would probably marry him. Long story short, he finally asked me on our first date at our church picnic and the rest of the story simply wrote itself.

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how they asked

An important part of not only our story but our relationship as a whole is the fact that Preston is always so thoughtful in thinking of unique ways to express his love for me. I had just gotten back in town earlier that week from a friend’s bachelorette party and he surprised me at the airport with flowers and my favorite candy. That night he also explained that there would be three gifts to come within the next couple weeks for me to look forward to! Who doesn’t love surprises? The next night I received my first gift. He took me to the spot where he first asked me on our first date and there I received a small wooden box with a leather bracelet inside. The leather bracelet had our names engraved on it, along with the date of our first “I love you’s”. So sweet!

Fast forward to the end of the week, Friday night… I had been looking forward to this night for awhile. My favorite musical was in town and I had gotten tickets for us to go together. However, that same night was also my little sister’s national dance competition AND my mom and step dad’s wedding anniversary. So many wonderful things happening that I had ruled the weekend out of anything suspicious that Preston could be coordinating. He picked me up and we headed into downtown Forth Worth. We stopped at my sister’s dance competition, and then off we went to the bass hall! There we enjoyed the musical – Well.. I did. Preston doesn’t even remember the last half due to what I later diagnosed as nerves.

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When the musical ended, we headed back to the car and he asked me if I wanted my second gift. Knowing me too well he stated “oorr we can always wait until tomorrow if you’re too tired.” Without missing a beat I assured him I’d be needing my surprise that night. He reminded me that each present came with a place and he had somewhere special to take me before I could have it. I got all giddy excited and we were off! But of course, in typical Dakota fashion, I had to make things difficult for him by insisting we stop at the gas station for a bathroom break. However, in typical Preston fashion, he went along with my inconvenience and somehow managed to escort me into a nearby the gas station ring bulging out of his back pocket and all! I didn’t even notice a thing! From there, we went to the pier one building located in downtown Fort Worth but… for some reason entered through an eery loading dock around the back.

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I began to think this could be the moment… but.. assured myself that this was only my second gift. If he were going to propose surely it would be gift number three the grand finale! We went up the elevator to the roof and walked out to a breathtaking view of downtown. We looked out over the city together as he told me he loved me. Then he proceeded to tell me that my friends and family had a message for me and I was confused… I waited for him to pull out his phone to give me some sort of message, but instead, he told me to look out over the ledge to see a giant sign reading “Marry Me” held by all of our family and friends. As I turned back to him in shock, he was on one knee. And at that moment, I had no words to say but “YES”. Our song started to play and all there was, was me and him dancing to our song on a rooftop overlooking our city. It was perfect. And all I needed to make the EASIEST decision of my life to be his wife.

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