Dakota and Patric

Image 1 of Dakota and Patric

How We Met

Patric and I first met our freshman year of high school. Was it love at first sight? Nope! We were always friends but never dated in school. It wasn’t until the Chili Cookoff in Cassville over 4 years ago that we decided to start dating. Our relationship is special because of our friendship. We aren’t just lovers we are truly best friends. We communicate well and push one another to be better people.

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how they asked

WOW WOW WOW. Patric went all out for our proposal. It started with dinner plans at Steak Inn in Shell Knob with the family. He then called me early in the day to tell me we were going to help a friend with his upcoming videography business to do a small clip for the Shell Knob Chamber at a lookout point over the lake. Well – once we showed up they had us walk out on the balcony overlooking the lake.

Image 5 of Dakota and Patric

He had a camera set up in the tree recording and also was doing a recording with a drone. The entire moment was recorded from the very beginning. I loved that sweet surprise and the thought he put into it. It’s a moment I will be able to cherish forever.

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Special Thanks

Jessica Yahn
 | Photographer