Dakota and Jason

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How We Met

Jason and I met and started dating in high school in 2007 and have been together ever since. He has taught me how to love and continues to teach me every day. In that time our relationship had grown from finishing college, renting our first apartment, traveling, getting a puppy (who is now our 2.5 year old baby), and recently moving out of state starting our new journey in North Carolina. I have always known Jason was the one for me. He has been there for all of the good and all of the bad supporting me in every way.

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how they asked

On November 9th, 2017 (also my mother’s birthday) we drove to Orlando with my sister and her boyfriend planning a nice dinner out. Jason looked so handsome and he kept telling me how beautiful I was. As we got closer to the venue I saw a sign saying “Welcome to Disney” and I was confused. I asked why we were eating at Disney and Jason replied Jake had picked it and I didn’t think anything of it because he tends to make random decisions. I was blown away when we arrived at the four seasons resort. The restaurant was on the rooftop over looking Disney with a romantic view of the magic kingdom. As we were seated, the waiter suggested we watch the firework show at 9 o’clock and at first I said no. Then the waiter insisted we watch the 10 o’clock show. After eating, we walked onto the balcony, the fireworks had started and it was absolutely stunning. We took pictures of each other and when it was mine and Jason’s turn he got down on his knee and I immediately started to cry just frozen in time. This was the moment the love of my life, my best friend for 10 amazing years asked me to marry him. He had taken my breath away giving me butterflies all over again like we were in high school. Finally, I was able to say YES to a fairytale, a dream come true that I will never ever forget.

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